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JCI’s Dr. Michael Kagan and other faith leaders offer spiritual advice to President Obama, who will be joining COP15 in Copenhagen- Day 2 at the conference, by Odyssey Networks.

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By Dr. Michael Kagan, co-founder of Jewish Climate Initiative

Dear Friends,

I am in Copenhagen as a representative of Judaism at a satellite conference taking place around the COP15.  The conference is organized by the Global Peace Initiative of Women.  My first reaction when initially invited was that I am of the wrong gender but I was reassured that it is only organized by women but it is a unisex event.  So here I am with am amazing group of spiritual practitioners from religions and countries from around the world. I feel truly blessed to be here.

The entire town has been transformed into a stage for this world-shaping, critical gathering of world leaders.  Everywhere there are posters welcoming the arrival of the 54,000 people that have arrived specially for this gathering.  The most powerful posters were at the airport – the entire corridor from passport control to baggage was lined with images of the world’s political leaders looking 15 years older and the caption “Why didn’t I do more when I had the opportunity?”

Today’s first session of our group that numbers about 60 people, was an introduction and then a discussion about why we are here and what we want to get out of this week’s event.  My fellow participants are monk and nuns and swamis and reverends and ministers and sheikhs and rabbis (two of us) with a particular interest and practice in meditation and the quest for oneness.

I want to relate an insight that I had concerning the core of the problem that we are facing.  It is directly related to the Ya’acov and Esav and which I shared in answer to the question of what has gone wrong.

If Esav represents earth energies (adom – redness, hunter, know of nature, masculine) then Ya’acov represents heaven or spirit (dweller in tents, feminine, alchemy, seeker of truth).  The brothers are not talking to each other, in fact they are at war with each other, they are distant from each other, they cannot communication with each other. This is the broken ladder, the ladder that reaches from earth to heaven.  This brokenness is a cause of the lack of knowledge of how to properly walk this earth.  There is a disconnect between the way of the spirit – the Shechinah – and the way we utilize the resources of the earth.  Israel is the ladder. Israel are the ones that struggle in this quest, Israel are the ones that try to be straight with the Divine, Israel are the ones that are to raise up the songs of creation to the Creator. We are all potentially Israel. We must fix the ladder and do our job.  The time is short and the work is great and the master is demanding.

In Peace


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