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As we begin the Jewish month of Shevat, we’d like to offer you a quick roundup of our posts from the past month (just in case you missed one or two!).  Enjoy- and as always, feel welcome to provide us your feedback, and to leave comments with your thoughts on the subjects covered.

Obama, Science, Religion and Climate Change: Rabbi Sinclair covers the inauguration speech and President Obama’s bold statement, “We will restore science to its rightful place.”

Honest Prayer: The Greenest Shul in the World: For those of us yet to build holy arks from the neighbors’ fallen trees, this Evanston synagogue offers some pretty incredible examples on how to make a house of prayer more eco-friendly.

A New, Green, Social Justice Movement in Israel: Hatnuah Hayeruka-Meimad: Learn more about how Israel’s new party plans on bringing change.

Why Kyoto has Failed: Wicked Problems and the Wrong Trousers: What went wrong in the world’s efforts to cap carbon emissions? Can religious traditions help work out the kinks?

Eating Holy Food in a Holy Way: Michael Pollan, the Omnivore’s Dilemna and the twelve tribes of Israel.

Meet the Meat: Local, Organic and Kosher Converge: Rabbi Sinclair on helping to slaughter turkeys- and eat them- at the Hazon Food Conference.

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